Pet Artwork

Digital Watercolor Prints

Created in Photoshop, I combine a photograph that you supply to a custom made design. The names are added to provide a personalized piece. With several design offerings, there's something for everyone! Proofs will be provided before collecting payment via PayPal or Facebook Pay. All completed artwork will be emailed to you. Simply print at your convenience and place in a frame for lasting memories. These are currently only $15!

Option 1

"You were our favorite Hello and our hardest Goodbye" This is ideal option for a vertical photo.

Option 2

"If Love Alone Could Have Kept You Here, You Would Have Lived Forever" This is an ideal option for a horizontal photo.

Option 3

"Doggie kisses, wet noses, & waggy tails" This is a special design for all the Dog Moms out there! The text can be replaced with the dog's name and life date range.

Option 4

This watercolor frame includes a bone and butterfly for the female dogs.

Option 5

This watercolor frame includes a bone with no butterfly for the male dogs, or those who prefer to have no butterfly.

Option 6

This paw print design is very popular and super adorable.

Option 7

"You left paw prints on my heart" This watercolor frame also includes a bone with the dog's name.

Option 8

"In Loving Memory" This is an ideal option for a horizontal photo.

Option 9

"In Loving Memory" The photo is bordered with lines and bones, surrounding the text. This is an ideal option for a horizontal photo.

Cat Design

Memorialize your cat with this special cat design. Many of the above dog designs will also work well. Please leave a comment in the below contact form if you'd like to use a dog design for your cat photo. This is offered at no additional cost.

Order yours today!

Your family will love having one of these cute photos hanging on the wall or standing on the shelf. Many clients also use these to memorialize a beloved pet. They make great gifts as well! Contact me for more information.

Note: Customization outside of the above designs will be billed at $19. Names and dates are included in the original price of $15.

Contact Me

Please fill out the form below to receive more information. Be sure to check your email's spam folder if you do not see a reply from me. I can also be reached by emailing me at saramauerphoto @ Thank you!

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Please leave details here, including the date range the pet lived if desired.

Feel free to email me 2-5 photos upon submitting the inguiry form. This will ensure my reply will reach your inbox, while also allowing me to begin your request sooner. Please email photos to (Please no screenshots of photos. These do not print well).

If you are on Facebook, you can also message me there. Thank you!